Happy First Day of Spring!


Hello! 👋 And happy first day of spring, everybody! 🌸😍 Am I the only one that was overjoyed to wake up today and realize that winter is officially over? 😂 We may get some more winter weather but it’s finally, actually spring! 🥰 On that note, I’m getting excited about seed planting season. 👩‍🌾 As you know, we sold organically grown, Living Microgreens at Main Street Delaware Farmers’ Market last year. 🌱 We’re definitely going to be selling those at the farmers’ market again this year and we’re hoping to also be selling tomato plant starts. 🍅🙏🤞 We’ve already purchased 10 different organic, heirloom seed varieties and I’m super excited to say that all 10 varieties got their start in my home state of West Virginia. 🤩 With names like Cindy’s West Virginia, Marlowe Charleston, Hillbilly, Dr. Lyle, and Tappy’s Finest, the nostalgia factor is off the charts for us! 💖 We can’t wait to try growing some of these amazing varieties to hopefully sell to you for your home garden area! ☺️ Watch this space! 😃 (Please note that the tomato photos featured here were borrowed from the website, TomatoFest.com.)

Full-Size 8×8 Cakes Are Available!


Did you know that Del City Farm’s Aunt Kewpie’s 1968 Applesauce Cake is also available in an 8×8 full-size cake? 🍏🍰🍎 It is! 🤩🥳 You can also order our Mammaw’s Plum Spice Cake, Mama’s Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake, and Mammaw’s Wacky Cake in this size! 🤤😋 Place your order via my contact page or message me thru social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). 💻📱🖥 I offer free delivery within the city limits of Delaware, Ohio! 🆓🚙🎁 Have a fantastic day! 😃

Valentine’s Day is Coming!



Hey, everybody! 🤗 Did you know that Valentine’s Day is less than a month away? 😱💘 Do you have a special someone who loves chocolate? 😍 🍫 Are you your own special someone who loves chocolate? 😏 Then Del City Farm has got what you crave! 😃 We offer three different cookies 🍪 and two different cakes 🍰 that all contain chocolate: Farmhouse Chocolate Chip, Buckeye Oatmeal, and Fresh Brewed Chocolate Chip Cookies, as well as Mama’s Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake and Mammaw’s Wacky Cake. 😋 We deliver free to anyone within the city limits of Delaware, Ohio and can ship USPS 2-day delivery to anywhere else within the state of Ohio. 🚙📦 Contact us for details. 📱🖥💻  I hope you will consider ordering from us for your Valentine’s Day or anytime needs! 💌🤞 Have a truly wonderful day!😍

I’m busy taking orders and baking cookies!


Hi, guys! 🤗 I’m busy baking Buttered Pistachio Cardamom cookies for my Cookie of the Month Club customers and also some Buckeye Oatmeal cookies for a special order. 😍 Thought you all may enjoy being tempted with photos of cookie dough! 😋😉😂 I hope that you’re all doing fantastically! 🙂 Remember, you can sign up to join my Cookie of the Month Club or place an order for any flavor of my cookies/cakes/sweet breads at anytime! 🤩 Want to take a gander at my current product offerings? Go here! 🍪🍰 Contact me with any questions! 😃 Thanks to my Cookie of the Month Club members and to all of my customers for your awesome support of my little business! 😍  Take care! ☺️

Goodbye, Delaware County Community Market; Hello, Whatever’s Next!


Hi, all! 👋 It’s that time of week again…time for my Farm Fresh Friday delivery post! 🙂 This is a bittersweet post though, because I am baking my last two batches of cookies that I will ever sell at The Delaware County Community Market (unless special orders come in from those wanting to pick up there prior to the market’s last day of business on the 24th). 😞 Sigh. 😕 So sad. 😢 It has been such a great experience to sell my cottage foods there, for the past year, and to be a customer of the market, since the very beginning. 😍 Thanks so much to everyone who ever bought any of my cottage foods at the market! 😍 Your support has meant so very much to me this past year and I hope that you will continue to support me via my online sales and wherever else I may end up selling! 😀 I would like to give a special thanks to Bob Sullivan-Neer for all he did to help me sell at the market. This is the closing of one chapter for Del City Farm and I am very sad about that, but I am also curious and excited to see what happens in the next chapter. 😬 We shall see! ☺️ As for this final Farm Fresh Friday post, the cookie flavors being delivered are my newest creation, Snowfall Sugar, and the cookie flavor that started it all, Farmhouse Chocolate Chip. 🍪 I do hope you will come out and support the market during its final two weeks. 😊 Have a great rest of your day! 😃