Introducing Peachy-doodle Cookies!


Can you believe that today’s the first day of Summer?! 🌞🤯 So crazy! 😳 I decided that I had to do something to celebrate, sooooooo 😏 I’m introducing a new cookie flavor today! 🥳🤩 Is there anything that screams summer more than peaches? 🤔 How about a homemade peach pie? 🥧 I don’t think so! 😁 Introducing Peachy-Doodles! 🤗 My new cookie recipe uses dried peaches 🍑, ground cinnamon, real butter 🧈, cane sugar, organic eggs 🥚, and, of course, tangy cream of tartar. 😋 It tastes like a peach pie in cookie form! 😍 Order a dozen (or more 😉) today! 🥰

Sadly, We Will Not Be At The Main Street Delaware Farmers’ Market This Year


It’s with a very sad heart that I announce we will not be participating in the Main Street Delaware Farmers’ Market this year. 🥺💔 After many discussions and much research, we’ve decided it’s best for us to sit this season out. 😔 That said, I wish nothing but the best for the vendors that have decided to participate this year and, if you have any questions regarding the new location of the market or the market’s new requirements/regulations for shoppers and vendors, please go to the Main Street Delaware, Inc. post here: . 😃 We plan to return as a vendor in 2021. 😊 That said, you can still order ALL of your favorite baked and canned goodies (YES! We still have Peel-On Apple Butter and Spiced 4-Pepper Chutney in stock! 😍) to be shipped anywhere in the state of Ohio 💌📦 or for free, no-contact delivery within the city limits of Delaware. 🆓🚗 Thank you for all of your support over the past two years at the market and your continued support until we return! 🥰 Have a fantastic weekend! 🤩

We’re Open!


Hello, hello, hello! 🤗 I have very exciting news that I’ve been dying to announce, since last November! 🤩 We are OPEN! 🥳 We’re now ready to take your orders and bake you some goodies full of deliciousness! 🍪🍰🍞 We’re offering free, no-contact deliveries to locals living in the city limits of Delaware, Ohio 🆓🚙 and USPS 2-day flat rate shipping to anywhere else in Ohio. 📦 I can’t wait to bake you something you’ll love! 🥰👩‍🍳 Contact us directly via our contact page or through social media to place your order. 📲🖥💻 Feel free to also ask us any questions! 🤔❓ Have a fantastic day! 😁

Introducing eGift Cards!


Hey, everyone! 😁 I hope you’re all doing very well, all things considered! 😬 I have some exciting news! 🤩 I’ve seen tons of stuff in the news and online about how local people are supporting their favorite small businesses by buying Gift Cards now to use later. 💳🎁 Because of this, I’ve had many friends, family, and customers inquire about buying Gift Cards from me, during my temporary closure due to COVID 19. I’m so flattered that people want to help support my little business! 😍 It’s truly heartwarming! 😊 I’m happy to announce that you can now buy eGift Cards online via this link: Del City Farm eGift Cards .  They never expire, can be used to buy anything I sell, as well as for S&H. 🍪📦 They are, of course, only valid in Ohio, due to government regulations for cottage foods businesses. 😔 However, if you’re out of state, you can still order an eGift Card! You just have to use it to have me ship/deliver goodies to your Ohio friends and family! 😀Anyway, thanks so much to everyone who was interested in supporting me, while I’m temporarily closed. 🥰 It’s appreciated SO much more than I can express! 🤗 Please take care! 

Health Update and COVID 19 Closure


Well, I’d planned for this post to be an announcement of Del City Farm re-opening; however, because of the COVID 19 pandemic, I’ve decided to stay temporarily closed to help prevent the spread of the virus. ☹️😷🦠 That said, I’m happy to announce that I’m healthy enough that I was ready to re-open and that’s something that makes me very happy. 🥳 I know I haven’t spoken much about my health issues online. 😬 It hasn’t been a secret but I just never formally announced anything. 🙃 Since last September, I’ve been having treatment for and healing from early stage breast cancer. I’m happy to report that I’m, according to all three of my oncologists, cancer free. 🤩 My breast cancer was caught solely due to having an annual mammogram, as neither I nor my doctor could physically find the tiny lump that the mammogram found. 😳 I was truly blessed to find it at the earliest stage and every test and treatment was best case scenario throughout my journey to now. 🥰 I hope sharing this information with you will encourage the females to get annual mammograms and everyone, regardless of sex, to do monthly self-examinations. 🙏 If you want/need to discuss anything with me, I’m an open book. 📖 Just PM me on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or email me via my contact page. 💌 I’m happy to share or listen to you. Knowledge truly is power. 💪 All of that said, I will be around testing new recipes (see teaser pic 😏😂), making more apple butter, etc., so I look forward to at least being able to interact with you guys again. 😍 Take care and be safe! XOXO 😚