Chicken Scratch Cookies

Hi! 👋 I have news that I am really excited to share with you all! 🤩 I am happy to introduce a new cookie flavor: Chicken Scratch! 😀 My homemade Chicken Scratch Cookies are made using ingredients like roasted sunflower seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, rolled oats, unsalted butter, organic eggs, and vanilla. 😋 I will be dropping these off at the market for Farm Fresh Friday tomorrow. I am also thrilled to announce that I will be selling my cookies in a new 2-pack size, in addition to the normal 6-pack size. The price per cookie is no different. This new size would be great for a lunchtime snack or for those who don’t want to buy a 6-pack in order to try my cookies. I hope you all love these new cookies and that the new smaller package size encourages more of you to give my cookies a try! 🤞 Be sure to come to The Delaware County Community Market tomorrow and pick up your bag! 🛒Thanks so much and have a great night! 🤗

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