Buttered Hazelnut Coffee Cookies


Hey, everybody! πŸ˜ƒ It’s Thursday night, so you know what that means! πŸ˜… I’ve been busy baking cookies for Farm Fresh Friday! ♨️ And I have news! πŸ“°Β I am introducing yet another new cookie flavor to my offerings. πŸ†• I give you, Buttered Hazelnut Coffee! πŸ€— These new cookies are made with raw hazelnuts, organic eggs, sea salt, real butter, and just enough real coffee to give them some delicious zing. πŸŒ°β˜•οΈ I will be delivering my first batch to The Delaware County Community Market tomorrow morning. πŸŒ„ Also, because I had a special order, there will be some of my Chicken Scratch cookies available this week. 😊 Please make sure to come out to the co-op and grab your bag of one or both πŸ˜‰ of these flavors! πŸ›’ Thanks so much for your continued support and have a wonderful evening! 😍

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