Two New Fall Cake Flavors!


Hello, hello! 👋 I have a few more announcements to make and this time they’re in regards to the Main Street Delaware Farmers’ Market tomorrow! 😃 We’ll be there selling the following cookies: Farmhouse Chocolate Chip 🍪, Buttered Hazelnut Coffee ☕️, Buckeye Oatmeal 🥜🍫, Buttered Pecan Spice (this nutty-spicy flavor is new to the farmers’ market but was fall favorite at the community market last year), and my brand new flavor that I just announced yesterday… Buttered Pistachio Cardamom! 😍 I’m also super excited to announce that we’re introducing two new mini loaf cakes: Mammaw’s Plum Spice Cake and Aunt Kewpie’s 1968 Applesauce Cake. 😋 These cakes are made using organic eggs 🥚, buttermilk, sea salt, unsweetened applesauce 🍏🍎, freshly made plum purée, raw walnuts, cinnamon, allspice, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. 🧡 I promise their spicy deliciousness will warm your heart as much as it will your tummy! 🤩 We’ll also be selling our Mammaw’s Wacky Cake and Mammaw’s Bran Nut Bread. 😊 On a not so happy note, microgreen season is over for the year. ☹️ But we’ll have them again next spring. 🌱 Hope to see you tomorrow at the farmers’ market! 🤗


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