Happy First Day of Spring!


Hello! 👋 And happy first day of spring, everybody! 🌸😍 Am I the only one that was overjoyed to wake up today and realize that winter is officially over? 😂 We may get some more winter weather but it’s finally, actually spring! 🥰 On that note, I’m getting excited about seed planting season. 👩‍🌾 As you know, we sold organically grown, Living Microgreens at Main Street Delaware Farmers’ Market last year. 🌱 We’re definitely going to be selling those at the farmers’ market again this year and we’re hoping to also be selling tomato plant starts. 🍅🙏🤞 We’ve already purchased 10 different organic, heirloom seed varieties and I’m super excited to say that all 10 varieties got their start in my home state of West Virginia. 🤩 With names like Cindy’s West Virginia, Marlowe Charleston, Hillbilly, Dr. Lyle, and Tappy’s Finest, the nostalgia factor is off the charts for us! 💖 We can’t wait to try growing some of these amazing varieties to hopefully sell to you for your home garden area! ☺️ Watch this space! 😃 (Please note that the tomato photos featured here were borrowed from the website, TomatoFest.com.)

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