Introducing Salted Cashew Apple!


Hello, all! 🤩 Today is a special day and one that I have been teasing you about since July. 😏 Today, I’m introducing a brand new cookie flavor: Salted Cashew Apple! 🥳 This cookie is made using roasted cashews, dried apple chunks (a mixture of Braeburn, Royal Gala, Fuji, and Pink Lady varieties) 🍏🍎, organic eggs 🥚, real butter, and an extra dash of sea salt. 🌊🧂  Come out to the Main Street Delaware Farmers’ Market tomorrow to try a sample and buy yourself a bag! 🛍 Want even more excitement? 🤔 OK! 😂 We are also going to have all of our other fall goodies available tomorrow! 🍂🍁 We will have my Buttered Pecan Spice and Buttered Pistachio Cardamom cookies and we’ll also have our Mammaw’s Plum Spice Cake and Aunt Kewpie’s 1968 Applesauce Cake! 😍 With three other flavors of cookies 🍪, one more cake variety 🍰, our organic Living Microgreens 🌱, my photography prints 🖼, and the amazing weather forecast 🌞, it’s going to be a great farmers’ market indeed! 🥰 Hope to see you there! 😁

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