Introducing Peachy-doodle Cookies!


Can you believe that today’s the first day of Summer?! 🌞🤯 So crazy! 😳 I decided that I had to do something to celebrate, sooooooo 😏 I’m introducing a new cookie flavor today! 🥳🤩 Is there anything that screams summer more than peaches? 🤔 How about a homemade peach pie? 🥧 I don’t think so! 😁 Introducing Peachy-Doodles! 🤗 My new cookie recipe uses dried peaches 🍑, ground cinnamon, real butter 🧈, cane sugar, organic eggs 🥚, and, of course, tangy cream of tartar. 😋 It tastes like a peach pie in cookie form! 😍 Order a dozen (or more 😉) today! 🥰

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