Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you to every customer, repeat and new, that made my very hard but definitely necessary decision to not participate in the farmers’ market this year so much easier. 🤩 I am so very grateful for your purchases. 🤗 You have no idea. 😬 And to those of you who didn’t buy but supported, encouraged, shared, liked, tagged, followed, etc., you are no less worthy of my thanks and are extremely appreciated. 😁 And don’t even get me started on all of my fellow small businesses, who have become customers and supporters alike. 🤯 The community of small businesses that I am a part of is simply amazing! 😍 2020 has been a very hard year for small businesses, as you all know. 😓 But having all of you in my life has made everything so much more manageable. 🥰 Tons of love to you all and have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving! 🧡🤎💛

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