Introducing Walnut Brownie!

Hey, hey, hey! 👋 I’m excited today! 🤩 Introducing my newest cookie creation: Walnut Brownie! 🥳 Full of real chocolate 🍫, raw walnuts, real butter 🧈, organic eggs 🥚, brown cane sugar, and a dash of sea salt 🌊🧂, these cookies taste like a brownie but eat like a cookie. 😋 With delectable chocolatey goodness and crunchy nuts, they would also make a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift❣️💝💘 Order yourself a dozen (or three 😘) today and/or place your Valentine’s Day order. 🥰 We offer free delivery in the city limits of Delaware, Ohio (to you or your Valentine 💖), and USPS Priority shipping (no handling costs; you pay what we pay) to anywhere else in Ohio. 😁 Enjoy this gorgeous day, everybody! 🌞

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