Introducing Golden Raisin & Buckwheat Oatmeal!

I was going to announce this fabulous news on Saturday but I decided today’s dreary weather needed some yummy happiness instead. 🥰 I’m delighted to reveal a new cookie flavor! 🤩 After years of requests from so many of you for an oatmeal raisin cookie, I’ve created a recipe with my own unique spin on this traditional cookie. 😁 Introducing my Golden Raisin & Buckwheat Oatmeal cookies! 🥳 My interpretation of this classic cookie contains unsweetened golden raisins 💛, organic thinly sliced rolled oats 🌾, organic buckwheat flour (in place of some, but not all, of the usual wheat flour), organic eggs 🥚, brown cane sugar, cinnamon, and a whopping 50% more unsalted butter 🧈 than in my other cookie recipes. 😍 I’d love to bake you a dozen or 5. 😘 Message me to place your freshly baked order. 😊 Stay safe and dry, everyone. ☔️

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