Spiced Pumpkin Seed Coffee cookie upgrade!

After more than 2 years using the same whole pumpkin flour for my Spiced Pumpkin Seed Coffee cookies, I’ve decided to improve them by changing to a recently discovered purely pumpkin flesh flour. 😃 Don’t despair, if you loved these cookies as is though. 😊 I’ve done a test batch using this new, finer milled flour and the difference in texture is AMAZING and there’s NO difference in the flavor you love. 🥳 Gone is the mild grittiness and super dark color of the whole pumpkin flour! 👏 In it’s place is a beautiful pumpkin color and much smoother texture, without any grit. 🙌 I’ve always loved my recipe for these cookies but the texture was never truly where I wanted it. 😒 It is now! 🤩

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