Introducing Honey Butter Cornbread Muffins and Mammaw’s 1974 Wheat Muffins!

Today I’m announcing TWO new savory muffins that will be a perfect fit for your Thanksgiving and December holiday dinner tables! 🤩 Introducing Honey Butter Cornbread Muffins 🍯🧈🌽 and Mammaw’s 1974 Wheat Muffins! 🌾🥳

I finally perfected my own recipe for cornbread! 🙌😊 My Honey Butter Cornbread Muffins are made using organic whole grain cornmeal 🌽, unfiltered raw honey 🍯 , real butter 🧈 , organic milk 🥛 , organic eggs 🥚 , and sea salt. 🧂 These slightly sweet muffins are perfect served warm with your meal or can be crumbled up and used in stuffings and casseroles. 😍 *Sold by the dozen

Mammaw’s 1974 Wheat Muffins are another family recipe from the West Virginia mountains made with 50/50 100% whole wheat flour and white flour 🌾, organic eggs 🥚 , organic milk 🥛 , a small amount of cane sugar, and a dash of sea salt. 🧂 These muffins are savory enough to replace dinner rolls and are wonderful warmed up and eaten plain or with a smidge of butter. 😋 *Sold by the dozen

Thanksgiving and the December holidays are coming crazy fast and my schedule for both is already starting to fill up. Place your orders now and enjoy my homemade savory muffins at your holiday dinner tables! 🦃🍁☃️❄️

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