new giveaway with whit’s frozen custard!

If you have a bad case of the January blues, I’ve got something to perk you right up! 😃 Whit’s Frozen Custard Delaware and I have created a GOODBYE JANUARY BLUES GIVEAWAY on Instagram! 🥳 We’re collaborating to help one Ohio* fan win a prize package to brighten up their dreary, post-holiday, January blues. 🚫☹️🥰 One entrant will win 2 dozen cookies 🍪 in their choice of up to 2 flavors shipped free to anywhere in Ohio* ALONG WITH a $15.00 Whit’s Frozen Custard Delaware gift card**! 🍦😋 Good luck to all who enter! 🤞 *OPEN TO OHIO RESIDENTS ONLY **Gift Card can be used at any Whit’s Frozen Custard location.

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