First price increase since opening in 2017

Hi, everyone! 🙂 I have some unfortunate news. 😐 After having the same prices for over 5 years, I have no choice but to raise my prices a little bit. ☹️ I absolutely hate doing this and I’ve put off doing it for over a year now, but the recent 50%-100% rise in my costs has simply made it impossible to avoid any longer. 🥺 Effective immediately, all of my products will cost $1.00 more. 😣 If you’ve already placed an order/preorder with me but have not yet paid, you will still pay the old prices. 😊 This is for 🆕 orders only. I have updated my product page to reflect these changes. Thank you in advance for your understanding! 💙
Here are the new prices:
1 dozen cookies – $9.00 ➡️ $10.00
1 Barn Door Cookie – $10.00 ➡️ $11.00
3 cake slabs – $9.00 ➡️ $10.00 / Wacky Cake $8.00 ➡️$9.00
3 mini loaves – $12.00 ➡️ $13.00
1 dozen muffins $11.00 ➡️ $12.00
8oz Peel-On Apple Butter – $5.00 ➡️ $6.00
8oz Fresh-Picked Peach Butter – $7.00 ➡️ $8.00
Cookie of the Month Club (new members only) – full year w/15% discount $102.00 / month to month $10.00 w/ 12th month free
*Please note that this will NOT affect shipping costs because I only charge you what I pay USPS or UPS and don’t charge for handling. 📦
**Also note that delivery will remain 🆓 in the city limits of Delaware, Ohio. 🚙

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