Individual packaging changes…

Hi, everyone! 🙂 I have an announcement to make regarding my individually packaged cookies. 🍪 The bad news is that, effective immediately, I’m going to have to start charging a packaging fee of 12¢ for 10 out of every dozen individually packaged cookies you order ($1.20 total per dozen). ☹️ This will not affect any orders placed prior to today. I despise doing this. 😖 I’m hoping that my good news will take the sting out of that new fee. 🤞 The good news is that I’m upgrading my packaging for individual cookies. 🤩 All individually wrapped cookies will now come in heat-sealed cellophane bags* and these bags keep the cookies fresh for up to 3 days from the date you receive them. 🥳 Not only do they look all fancy and stuff 😁, they’re also better for the environment because each cellophane bag has much less overall plastic than the zipper bags I’ve always used. 🌎💚 Please note that I’m not going to be making any money on this fee. 😊 This fee will only enable me to break even. 🤓 Thanks the biggest bunches for your understanding and continued support. 💞

*Non-sealed cellophane bags with ribbons 🎀 are still available and will have the same fee as sealed bags plus the cost of the ribbon/extra preparation time. 🥰

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