celebrate earth day! practice earth year!

From the very beginning of my business, I made it a priority to be as sustainable as I was able. ♻️ From using unbleached, often made with post-consumer recycled content, Kraft paper labels, gift bags, greeting cards, business cards, etc., to working with other local businesses to reuse packing materials for my shipments (Hi, Beanbag Books ❣️), to trying to minimize my use of virgin plastic packaging, to growing all the apples for my Peel-On Apple Butter 🍏🍎🫙, etc., I’ve never been perfect at it but I’ve always done the best I can and I’m always looking for new ways to do more. 😃

You guys have been a huge help with that. 💚 When I was selling at the Main Street Delaware Farmers’ Market, you brought back your microgreen clam shells for reuse or recycling, celebrated the fact that I used compostable sample spoons, and never complained that I reused plastic grocery bags for your purchases. 💖😊

Today, you give me back your fruit butter jars for reuse (even giving me jars you saved from other companies 😌), love the fact that I repurpose paper grocery bags for my gift baskets and shredded paper packaging, still don’t complain when I deliver your orders in reused plastic grocery bags, and actually thank me for shipping your orders in an ugly old box from who knows what company instead of a shiny new box. 📦🤗

We have all worked together to make Del City Farm more and more sustainable every year. 🤝✊🫶 Today is Earth Day and I’m taking the day off with my husband to celebrate it but I practice it every day of the year and you’re ALL an integral part of my ability to do that. 👏🙌🥰 Thank you the biggest of bunches 😍 and happy Earth Day! 🌎🌍🌏🤩

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