I received an email from a 4th grade student named Nina…

About a month ago, I received an email from a 4th grade student named Nina. 😊 She told me she was doing a school project about Ohio businesses and that she’d like to use my business as one of her examples. 🤩 She described that she was going to create a poster board display, with a map of Ohio that showed where all the businesses were located, and present her project dressed like Helen Keller. 🥰 Nina asked me to mail her a business label and business card. 🪪 I agreed, with the stipulation that she would send me a picture of the finished project (I would’ve done it without the picture but I thought it was worth asking because I just had to see this adorableness! ☺️). Her school project event was this week and here is the absolutely cutest picture of her in front of her poster board (please note that I did receive permission from her mother to post this photo). 😍 She’s standing in front of my part of the project but you can see the string leads to the center of the board where I put a tiny picture of my logo. 😄 Can we all give this sweet kid a big round of applause? 👏👏👏🫶 I’m just so delighted by the fact that my business made it into a child’s school project. 💞 Never saw this coming but I’m so glad it did. 💖 Thank you, Nina, for reaching out to me and wanting to include my business in your outstanding display. 🤗

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