We have apples! Peel-On Apple Butter Preorder list open!

Folks! Folks! 😃 We have apples! 🍏 Repeat: we have apples! 🍎 Whee! 🥳 Now, there’s about 1/2 the amount coming on than last year, so that means I’ll have 1/2 or less jars of my Peel-On Apple Butter to sell (sold 157 last year). ☺️🍏🍎🫙 The preorder list is open, so be sure to get your name on it tout de suite, as I’ll be closing it as soon as I hit 70 jars preordered (FYI: there’s already 27 jars preordered 🤯, so that leaves 43 jars.). 🥰 I hope to have more than 70 jars but could end up with less, so all preorders will be filled in the order received, as I start pressure canning in late August. 🙃

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