Happy 1st day of Meteorological Spring, everyone! 🌸 I’m celebrating today 🥳 by announcing a brand new cookie flavor! 🌼

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time on my grandma’s and uncle’s farms in the Manila Creek hollows of West Virginia. 🥰 One thing that was ALWAYS in the fridge and often on the menu alone or in their delicious country cooking was buttermilk. 🧈🥛☺️ My grandma loved drinking it cold from the fridge in a chilled glass. 😄 These memories inspired my newest recipe. 🧡😌 Introducing OLD-FASHIONED BUTTERMILK APRICOT! 🧈🥛🍑🤩

With real, sweet cream buttermilk powder 🧈🥛 from Plain City, OH, and non-GMO, no added sugar, dried apricots 🍑, these chewy cookies are slightly tangy and salty with a punch 🤜💛 of sunny apricot sweetness. 🌞 Add in the real, unsalted butter 🧈, brown cane sugar, organic eggs 🥚, and sea salt 🌊🧂, and you’ve got a cookie experience to die for 😋🤤😵, according to my husband. 🥰

Ready to find out for yourself? 😃 I’m still scheduling for next week. 😉

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