Introducing Green Pea!


While we may not be at the farmers’ market this Saturday, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still busy working to prepare for the farmers’ market on the 27th! 😅 The first step in growing our organic Living Microgreens is soaking the seeds. 💦 Those of you who are already familiar with our microgreens know that we only have two varieties: Sunflower and Speckled Pea. 🌻🌱 Notice anything odd about this picture? 🤔 Over the past few weeks at the farmers’ market, we’ve been selling out of our Living Microgreens within an hour of the market opening. 🤯❤️ Because of this, we have decided to add a new variety of microgreens to our product offerings: Green Pea! 🥳 The difference between the Speckled Pea and the Green Pea is that the Green Pea has more tendrils and thus has more of a crunch than the Speckled Pea, while still having that sweet, fresh, intense pea flavor you love. 😋💚 This will be available for a limited time but may become a permanent offering, if sales are good.  We can’t wait to introduce these beauties to you guys July 27th at the Main Street Delaware Farmers’ Market! 🤩 Stay cool in this crazy heat 🥵 and see you next Saturday! 😍

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