Introducing Photos From the Farm!


Hey, everybody! 🤩 I’m so excited that we’re going to be at the Main Street Delaware Farmers’ Market tomorrow! 🥳 I’m excited for a variety of reasons but the biggest one is that I’ve missed you guys! 🥺 That said, here’s a teaser photo of something new that’s coming to the farmers’ market tomorrow! 😬 For years, friends and family have tried to get me to have a booth at the Delaware Arts Festival selling prints of my nature photography but I have fought them tooth and nail due to nervousness. 😅 It’s hard to put yourself out there, as I’m sure many of you are aware! 😊 Long story short, I’m doing a test run at the farmers’ market starting this weekend. 😏 I will be selling 8 x 10 prints of some of the nature photography that I’ve taken around my little homestead over the years. 🖼 They’re only $10 a print and we shall see how it goes! 🤞 I hope to see you guys at the farmers’ market tomorrow, where we will have my photography prints, six flavors of cookies, four flavors of cakes and sweet breads, and three varieties of our organic Living Microgreens! 🤗 That’s right! Don’t forget! 😁 A new microgreen variety is being introduced tomorrow: Green Pea! 🌱😋 I can’t wait! 😍

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