Introducing eGift Cards!


Hey, everyone! 😁 I hope you’re all doing very well, all things considered! 😬 I have some exciting news! 🤩 I’ve seen tons of stuff in the news and online about how local people are supporting their favorite small businesses by buying Gift Cards now to use later. 💳🎁 Because of this, I’ve had many friends, family, and customers inquire about buying Gift Cards from me, during my temporary closure due to COVID 19. I’m so flattered that people want to help support my little business! 😍 It’s truly heartwarming! 😊 I’m happy to announce that you can now buy eGift Cards online via this link: Del City Farm eGift Cards .  They never expire, can be used to buy anything I sell, as well as for S&H. 🍪📦 They are, of course, only valid in Ohio, due to government regulations for cottage foods businesses. 😔 However, if you’re out of state, you can still order an eGift Card! You just have to use it to have me ship/deliver goodies to your Ohio friends and family! 😀Anyway, thanks so much to everyone who was interested in supporting me, while I’m temporarily closed. 🥰 It’s appreciated SO much more than I can express! 🤗 Please take care! 

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