We’re Open!


Hello, hello, hello! 🤗 I have very exciting news that I’ve been dying to announce, since last November! 🤩 We are OPEN! 🥳 We’re now ready to take your orders and bake you some goodies full of deliciousness! 🍪🍰🍞 We’re offering free, no-contact deliveries to locals living in the city limits of Delaware, Ohio 🆓🚙 and USPS 2-day flat rate shipping to anywhere else in Ohio. 📦 I can’t wait to bake you something you’ll love! 🥰👩‍🍳 Contact us directly via our contact page or through social media to place your order. 📲🖥💻 Feel free to also ask us any questions! 🤔❓ Have a fantastic day! 😁

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