introducing lingonberry almond spice!

Oooooooo 🤩❕ I’m sooooo happy 😁❣️ I’ve been super excited to announce my new holiday cookie flavor for months now. 😅 This new recipe took me 3 test batches to finalize 🫣🤭 and, without further ado, I give you LINGONBERRY ALMOND SPICE‼️🥳

With a buttery sweet, nutmeg spiced dough base 🧈 + a good amount of crunchy sliced almonds 😋 + a tangy spread of lingonberries on top ❤️ = a soft, chewy, sweet, tangy, buttery, spicy, nutty, fruity cookie that I highly recommend eating upside down. 🙃 Why upside down? 🤨 Because the first flavor to hit your taste buds will be the lingonberries, giving your mouth a tangy, fruit explosion 💥 before you begin chewing the slightly crunchy, spicy nutmeg-almond cookie. ❤️‍🔥 Sooooo yummy! 😊 AND, in my biased opinion 😆, this cookie turned out to be quite pretty and just perfect for any holiday event. 🥰

Place your order today AND be sure to stop by The Beauty Lab today and try a free sample during their Black Friday SIP & SHOP event from 11 AM – 8 PM. 😃

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