Back from 2019…Spiced 4-Pepper Chutney!

Happy Monday, everybody! 😁 I hope you’re all doing fantastically this morning! 💫 Thanks, once again, to the generosity of my brother-in-law 🥰, I have exciting news! 🤩

Remember me teasing you about those peppers 🌶️🫑 a while back and then the mystery 💚❤️ pic from last night? 🤭 Well…just in time for Cyber Monday…I’m thrilled to REINTRODUCE our EXTREMELY popular, limited edition, flashback to 2019 ⚡️, never thought we’d make it again 🤗, product: Spiced 4-Pepper Chutney‼️🥳

This amazingly flavorful 😋, saucy chutney is made using organically homegrown West Virginia peppers (Chilaca, Anaheim, Poblano, and Jalapeño) 🫑🌶️, cane sugar, organic apple cider vinegar (with Mother) 🍎, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and a dash of sea salt. 🌊🧂

We only have 20 jars 🫙 of this deliciously spicy ♨️ concoction and only time will tell, if we ever make it again. 🕰️🤷‍♀️

These chutneys make wonderful gifts 🎁 and are pressure canned for a long, shelf stable life. Once opened, they need to be refrigerated and will last several weeks, if needed. 😉

Message me to order yours. 😁

FYI: Each 8oz jar is $7.00. You must buy 2+ jars or 1 jar and some baked goodies to qualify for free delivery in Delaware proper. 🆓🚐 You can buy 1+ jars with porch pickup 🏡 or shipment to anywhere in Ohio. 📦

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